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Hey Red!, Inc.

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(All services are a la carte)


Revitalize your nails with nail shaping, buffing, and grooming, finished with polish in the color of your choice.
Price for a manicure

Spa Manicure

Treat your self to a luxurious spa manicure guaranteed to leave you with beautiful, healthy-looking hands and nails.
Price for a spa manicure

French Manicure

Whether your nails are long or short, a French manicure is the perfect choice to achieve that polished, natural look.
Price for a French manicure

Polish Change

If you are tired of your old color, or simply want to freshen up your current one, our manicurists will give you a gorgeous nail makeover.
Price for a polish change

Handsome Hands

Manicure services for men give him healthy, handsome and well-groomed hands and nails.
Price for a manicures for men


Experience smoothness like you've never felt before with paraffin treatments that promises to leave your hands and feet soft and supple for days.
Price for a paraffin treatment


Step into our top-of-the-line pedicure chair and relax your tired feet. Our expert nail technicians will treat you to an invigorating foot soak, exfoliation, light massage, and nail cleaning, topping off the experience with polish in the color of your choice.
Price for a pedicure

Hot Stone Pedicure

Let those little pigges fly free from your boots and confining shoes and enjoy a hot stone pedicure. During this wonderfully therapeutic treatment natural stones become the extension of the hands, Delivering relief to weary legs and feet. Beginning with a relaxing foot soak to soften skin and release stress. Next your feet are thoroughly exfoliated to remove rough dry skin. Smooth warm stones are then massaged into your feet and calves, rubbing out tension in an experience like no other. Followed by a deep moisturizing lotion, Nail Grooming and polish of your choice.
Price for a hot stone pedicure

Spa Pedicure

Feel like royalty with a relaxing and indulgent spa pedicure that will give you silky-smooth, beautiful feet perfect for showing off in the summer sun!
Price for a spa pedicure

Nail Repair

Our professional nail technicians will discuss your nail concerns with you and suggest various options to repair or treat the nails.
Price for nail repair